Graco is one of the known brands for affordable and quality cribs. If you are looking for a multi-functional crib that will serve you long years after purchase, you can check out the Graco Shelby Classic 4 in 1 Convertible crib.

Safety: When it comes to safety, the Graco Shelby crib is something that can give you peace of mind. Just like most crib products from Graco, the Shelby crib passes through meticulous and thorough evaluation of various organizations that checks for safety and quality of products for babies and toddlers. The Graco Shelby crib has passed the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Features: The Graco Shelby ceib has a nice classic look. It offers easy access for parents to get their baby from the crib or put them down on the crib from all angles. It is an island crib so you can have a view of your baby from all sides, 360 degrees. It is also a classic crib so expect no movable parts that you can assemble and take off. If you are to invest in a crib, it is important that you can use it for future use.

This crib is a 4 in 1 convertible crib so you can use as your baby grows.  The crib can convert to a toddler bed and there is no guard rail that you need to convert. It can also be used as a daybed. If you want to use it as a full size headboard, then you need to buy a bed frame and a mattress for it.

The Graco Shelby crib comes with three position adjustable mattress spring so you can lower down or heightens the mattress according to your needs. The mattress height basically depends on your height and also the habit of your baby. If he can already stand up and walk around his crib, keep the mattress height low for his safety. If your baby uses the crib mainly for sleeping, you can keep the mattress high so you can easily carry or put down your baby in the crib.

Design: The Graco Shelby has dimensions of 59.8 x 31.8 x 34.8 inches and weights about 66 pounds. If you are into history you will notice that the design of the Graco Shelby crib is pretty much pattered to the sleigh bed of the American Empire period. It has curves and a design that are truly a classic. Such design is traced back during the Roman Empire period. If you have this on your kid’s bedroom, you add an instant sophistication and elegance to it.

Quality: As most products by Graco, you can be assured of the quality and durability of this product. It comes with a 5 year limited warranty against certain damages and defects.

Pricing: List price of the Graco Shelby crib is $219.99. This is an economical price for a crib that gives you assurance for your kid’s safety. You can get this crib for as low as $180 when you shop online.


The Sarah crib is another class convertible crib from Graco. It is a classic crib with no movable parts. You can convert this crib to give you various functions such as a toddler bed. You can also use it as a day bed. You do not need guard rails to be able to convert it to a toddler bed. For adults, the Sarah crib can be used as a full size headboard but you may need to buy a separate mattress and bed frame to use it.

The Graco Sarah crib has a three position mattress height adjustment. This is very convenient for parents because they can lower or heighten the mattress depending on what proved to be convenient for them. For babies who already know how to stand up and walk around the crib, you should put the mattress height to its lowest for their safety.

The Graco Sarah crib has a stationary side. There are no drop sides that you can pull up or down. This can be quite a hassle for some people because the side can be an obstruction when you pull up or lay down the baby from the crib but this also has its advantage because the sides is stationary and unmovable keeping your baby safer.

To assure you of the quality of this product, Graco is giving a 5 year limited warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. If you have questions about warranty and guarantees, you can call up Graco’s customer’s service. Make sure that you keep all receipts, the box and product intact for returns.

Upon getting this product, assembly is required. It will take you less than 30 minutes to have this crib assembled. Tools needed for the assembly are included with your purchase. It is important that you read and follow the instructions as provided in the manual, else you will have an unsteady crib. Take time to go through the instructions and get help if you need to.

The Graco Sarah crib has the traditional sleigh design look. This crib quite a good choice for moms because of the different functions you will have with this crib. The crib weighs around 50 lbs and has dimensions of 57.2 x 29.6 x 43.2 inches.

This is one of the budget cribs that you can find in the market today. A piece will only cost you about $150. You can get additional discounts when you buy online. A lot of parents usually have second doubts when buying a crib this cheap, but you are assured that you get a sturdy and safe crib from Graco with the Sarah crib.


It is a good thing that there is a global effort in making people aware of how to take care of Mother Earth. Even manufacturers are starting the trend of making earth friendly products or eco products. When it comes to cribs, you can also go eco- friendly by buying the Graco Dakota Classic 4 in 1 Convertible Crib.

The Graco Dakota crib is the first ever product from the eco friendly line of Graco Baby Furniture. The product is certified by Forest Stewardship Council or FSC, giving you the assurance that the crib you are buying is eco-friendly. You might be thinking- is this crib not may of wood? It is actually made of wood but all the wood materials used to make this crib are from sustainable woods and are from recycled or recyclable materials.

The wood materials used in making the Dakota crib came from managed forests that passed the standards of FSC through their Rainforest Alliance Smart Wood Program. Even the packaging of the crib is from recyclable materials. The finishes used for the crib are all water based and no harmful chemicals were used.

Aside from knowing that you are helping Mother Earth in buying the Dakota crib, you also have a peace of mind because you are assured that no harsh chemicals are used in making this product, making it safe for Mother Earth and safe for your babies as well.

One of the major things that you should look for in a crib is safety. With the Graco Dakota, you will not have second doubts about the safety of the crib. It passes a number of safety standards by different accreditation groups such as Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The Graco Dakota crib has a very classic design. The dark walnut is a popular color/ finish for this crib. It can go with the rest of your baby furniture without a problem.

The Graco Dakota crib can convert from a regular baby crib to a toddler bed. Unlike other cribs, you do not need a guard rail to be able to convert it from a crib to a bed. You can also use it as a day and even a full size headboard. If you use it as a headboard, you will need to buy an accompanying bed frame and mattress for it.

This crib has three position mattress height adjustments. This is convenient because you can lower and heighten the height of your baby’s bedding with much ease according to your preference.

The Graco Dakota is quite a sturdy crib. You can allow your kids to stand / jump on this crib/ bed without the worry of it backing down. To show consumers of its quality, you are guaranteed to have a five year limited warranty upon purchase.

If you are a mom on a budget, you can get one of this crib that sells for about $160 online. This is a good crib if you want something safe for your baby without hurting your pocket.


The Delta Children's Products Tyson Convertible Crib is one of the more economical and functional cribs that you can buy in the market. You can get it for as low as $182. The usual price for the crib is around $210 but you can get good discounts when you buy online.


  • Convertible - The Delta Tyson crib is a 3-in-1 crib that can converts into different functional abode for your baby. If you have a few months old baby, this is a safe crib for him. It can also convert from a crib to a day bed or toddler bed without effort. Since it is very sturdy and durable, you can trust this crib to safely hold your child- from months-old babies to toddlers. This crib can give you service for long years.
  • Comfort - The Delta Tyson convertible crib is made of wood. Upon purchase, you’ll get a mattress too. It has five position mattress supports so you can use almost all types of mattress that you want with this crib. You can also opt to stack mattresses and you can assure that the crib can hold it just fine.
  • Movable - A lot of moms would want a steady crib that will stay put. But moms also want something that is moveable in case they want the crib to be in a different position or to move it to another part of the house. The Delta Tyson crib has a locking caster wheels so you can opt to have it locked in one steady position. Unlock it and you can move the crib around whenever you need it to be with no hassle.
  • Safe and Convenient -The Delta Tyson crib also comes with a one hand drop side so you can conveniently lower the one side of the crib with ease. If your little ones has a habit of biting and chewing on the rail of your crib, it’s good news for you that this product comes with a teetering rail. Your kids can chew on it without you worrying about the rail being unsafe or toxic. The teetering rail also serves as a protection for the finish and wood of the crib’s railing.

More on Safety: You can be assured of the safety of the Delta Tyson crib because it passes the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Assembly: When it comes to assembling this crib, make sure that you get extra help because it proved to be very difficult to assemble it on your own. Assembly is a breeze once you get the hang of it and can be done in about 20 minutes. Another good thing about the Delta Tyson crib is that the parts fit perfectly with each other’s parts and there are no loose joints- another reason why it is sturdy. It is very sturdy and won’t waggle even if your kid stands or jumps on it.

Looks: When it comes to appearance, this is a good addition in your kid’s bedroom as it is very chic and clean looking.


As a parent, you only want what’s best for your babies. One of the first things that you should look for in a baby crib is safety. If you need to invest a little more than usual for a baby crib, then you should if it means safety and comfort for your little ones.

The Look: The Da Vinci Kalani Convertible baby crib has a nice and rich cherry finish. If you are fond of cherry furniture, this is a great addition to your home. Although it is quite heavy, it is never a hassle to assemble. You can also get the Kalina crib with a white finish and in other types of finish like oak, espresso, natural, and ebony. There are corresponding baby furniture like baby dressers and tables that can match up with the finish and the look of the Kalina crib from Sonelle furniture.

Features: The Kalani crib has four height settings compared to the usual 2-3 settings of most crib. The height can be adjusted depending on how tall you are. The height should be comfortable enough for you to put down your sleepy baby. The height can also be adjusted depending on how low you want your baby to be. If your baby already knows how to stand on his crib, then choose the lowest height for his safety.

The Kalani Crib uses mattress springs. There are moms who like mattress springs for their baby but some like the simple non-spring thick mattress for baby cribs. Either way, you can always have the mattress replaced according to your preference.

A toddler rail comes with the Kalina crib upon purchase. You do not have to worry about buying a separate toddler rail, which will save you hundreds of dollars. The Kalina crib also converts to a head and footboard bed. This crib can be quite useful even when your baby turns to a toddler, you can use this crib as a kid’s bed.

Downsides: The Kalina crib has a good finish. But because of its soft wood, it tends to acquire scratch quite easily. Be careful when assembling the crib as you may cause some nicks and dents on the wood. The frail finish of the wood can be a problem if your baby starts to chew on the edge of the crib which will cause dents on the wood and can strip off the finish. The crib uses pine wood, which is actually a soft type of wood. If you are into aesthetics for your kids, you can have a touch up pen handy when dents and scratches begin to show up on your crib. A touch up pen will cost you about $11.

Pricing: Da Vinci Kalana Convertible Baby Crib is one of the more expensive cribs in the market. You need to shell out around $300 for this product. What makes this crib expensive than other cribs is its safety feature. It comes from Sorelle and has cam-locks. This product model is very sturdy and durable. You can get this crib for around $50 less when you shop online.


If you are someone who’s major factor in choosing a baby crib is its style and design, you will be sold by the Canton crib by Delta Children’s Products. One of its popular color is the distressed black finish which will give you a look of an antique designed crib. It also has a very nice finish that completes the look of elegance for this product.

Features: The Delta Canton crib is multifunctional. This product is something for babies, kids and even adults. As your baby grows, this is something they can use as a toddler bed. Adults can also use this as a full size bed just buy a separate side boards, bed rails and mattress and you can place this elegant looking furniture in your bedroom.

The Delta Canton crib uses solid hardwood for the materials of the crib. This is means that you are assured that your crib will stay sturdy even when you have your kids jumping on it. Unlike other products with cheap materials that can easily have dents and scratches, the Delta Canton crib can withstand minor bumps and scratches because of its solid hardwood construction.

This crib comes with four position mattress support so you can stack up your mattress without any problem at all. You can stack 1-4 mattresses to give your babies the support that they need. The crib also features a non-drop side stationary design so you can be assured that your baby is safe inside your crib. It has dimensions of 54 x 33.4 x 41.4 inches and weighs around 65 pounds.

When it comes to safety, you can have peace of mind because this crib passes quality and safety standards as required by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

The Delta Canton crib has a very classic design that you can use it for years to come. There is a number of kid’s furniture from the same manufacturer that goes with this crib like the Delta Canton dress, which is sold separately.

Assembly: This product is to be shipped to your house in parts so you may have to work on it for assembly. It is recommended that you get an extra hand when doing so. Unlike most cribs that you can do the assembly by hand, there are certain tools that you need to use to be able to assemble this particular crib. But it is a good thing that you will not have to go out of the way to buy the tools because they are included with your purchase of the Delta Canton crib.

Downsides: A few buyers have complained about the “low quality painting” job done with this crib as though it was severely scratched. Although this is actually a part of the “distressed” look of the crib, it proved to be unsightly and unacceptable for some people.

Pricing: You can buy the Delta Canton crib at retail store for about $249. You can always find a few dollars discount when you buy online but you may have to add extra for shipping fees.